iTovi – Ordering and Setup

In my last post, I wrote about using an iTovi scanner on my horses.  I finally got around to ordering my own iTovi device, so I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival.  The site says I can expect it to be shipped within the next two days. Ordering was quick and easy.  They do not accept PayPal … Continue reading iTovi – Ordering and Setup


How do you know what essential oils your horses need?

This morning, Lavonia, owner of A Life of Health Always (A.L.O.H.A) and my essential oils trainer, came over to use iTovi on my horses.  Eventually I'll have to do a post on iTovi, but it's basically a bioimpedence device that reads a body's frequency, then notifies the tester and test subject via the iTovi app … Continue reading How do you know what essential oils your horses need?

And so it begins…

After much confusion, frustration, and headache, I've finally (I think) got a blog set up.  I have a tendency to over-estimate my own abilities, and setting up a blog was one of them.  Because I couldn't just start with a blog; I had to try a WordPress.ORG blog.  Until a few hours ago, I … Continue reading And so it begins…