I’m a licensed massage therapist, a Navy veteran, a certified rescue diver, a vegetarian, and I absolutely love horses.  I have a bunch of animals that are my reason for getting up in the morning.  No, seriously, I have to get up and feed/care for them because my husband leaves before I do.

I started this blog as a way to share stories about me and my animals, as well as raise awareness about the uses of essential oils, which I’ve incorporated into both my massage practice and my life.

I didn’t learn about essential oils in massage school, so I took a continuing education class to broaden my knowledge.  While it was interesting, I was overwhelmed with how many different oils there are and the innumerable ways to blend and use them.  There was also the question of quality.  The information I found online was often conflicting with various sources arguing their particular brand was the best.  In the end, I was more confused than before, and while curious, decided essential oils weren’t something I needed to mess with.  It was certainly less stressful that.

My first real experience with oils was in 2014 while working at a local massage franchise.  We had four different blends we were supposed to try to convince clients they needed during their session.  Two were awful and the other two were okay.  One was a pain relief blend with clove, wintergreen, black pepper and some other oils which I felt helped with very mild pain, but for anything more than that, I reached for Alieve and Biofreeze (4% menthol gel).  For clients with serious trigger points, I didn’t even bother asking if they wanted aromatherapy since I knew it wouldn’t help.

When I opened my business, Tail Wind Spa, in June 2016, I bought an inexpensive blend set so I could offer aromatherapy to my clients.  Out of 14 blends, I ended up throwing away all but two.  They smelled awful and I was left feeling even less impressed with essential oils than I had been before.  Nearly a year later, I met Lavonia, an essential oils educator and doTERRA wellness advocate.  She told me how oils had changed her life and helped her get her health back.

Long story short, it was using doTERRA oils myself that convinced me, rather than the research I did (and I read up a lot on essential oils in the weeks leading up to finally committing).  I compared a bottle of doTERRA peppermint to another brand and while neither smelled bad, the doTERRA peppermint smelled cleaner, if that makes sense.  I was particularly impressed that their lavender doesn’t have a chemical smell like many of the lavenders from other brands.