iTovi – Ordering and Setup

In my last post, I wrote about using an iTovi scanner on my horses.  I finally got around to ordering my own iTovi device, so I’m eagerly awaiting its arrival.  The site says I can expect it to be shipped within the next two days.

Ordering was quick and easy.  They do not accept PayPal though, so you do have to provide them with your credit card information.  This wasn’t a big deal for me, but I know some people might be wary.  I didn’t have a referral link, just Lavonia’s (my referrer’s) ID number.  There was no where to enter that in while I was placing my order.  I looked up their number on the referral page so Lavonia could get referral credit (I’ll go over their referral program in a minute – it’s pretty sweet).  I spent less than a minute on hold, then was placed with a very nice, English speaking customer service agent.  She verified my name and the email address associated with my new order, then asked for Lavonia’s ID number and her name.  I’m always excited when I company has fantastic customer service, so I’m even more impressed with them now.

Settings Tab on iTovi Android App

On this screen, you can connect with your device, check its battery level, and test it.  You can also set which products you want the scanner to recommend.  You can limit it to pure oils and blends or allow it to pull from ALL of doTerra’s products.  Right now, that’s what mine is set to, so I’m guessing that’s the default mode.  You’re also able to select the number of product recommendations from three, five, seven, or ten.

On the app’s home screen, there’s the option to add a new client, or pull up an existing one.  I’ve read on a few other blogs that the app stores client info in your phone’s memory and not on a cloud.  Since I didn’t make a note of the dates of those posts, I’m not sure if that information is accurate.  Logging into my dashboard on iTovi’s website though, I can browse through (see below image).


itovi clients
Client Dashboard on iTovi website

As for referrals, referral credit depends on which purchase option you went with.  You can get your own device for as little as $9.99, but then have to pay a $49.99 monthly subscription fee.  Your other option is to purchase the device outright for $799, which means you get to use all features for free (no subscription).  With the first option, one referral drops your monthly subscription fee down to $29.99.  The fifth referral reduces it down to $9.99 and for every referral after that, you receive $50.  If you decide to purchase it at full price, each referral earns you $50.

For now, I went with a subscription.  The rep I spoke with on the phone told me I could purchase the device AT ANY TIME, however, they would only credit $80 towards the purchase price of $799.  So, even if I’d been subscribed for seven months, only $80 would be credited.  I’m going to give it a try and see how successful it is in helping build my doTerra business before committing to purchase.  Keep in mind, at $49.99 a month, you’ll have paid the device off in about 16 months assuming you haven’t managed to get anyone else to get one using your referral link or ID.

Interested in getting your own super cool iTovi device that you can use on yourself, friends, family members, random babies, and even animals to find out what doTerra oils and products you and/or they need?  Click HERE so I receive referral credit! It’s much appreciated.  🙂


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