How do you know what essential oils your horses need?

This morning, Lavonia, owner of A Life of Health Always (A.L.O.H.A) and my essential oils trainer, came over to use iTovi on my horses.  Eventually I’ll have to do a post on iTovi, but it’s basically a bioimpedence device that reads a body’s frequency, then notifies the tester and test subject via the iTovi app which essential oils the test subject should incorporate into their lifestyle.  I had her scan me last week and my results came back saying I needed cypress, Motivate Encouraging blend, and patchouli.  I didn’t have those oils on hand, so I ordered them (and they arrived today!).

While I was curious to see the reports for all of my horses, I was particularly interested in Sundance’s report.  He can’t eat hay because it gives him scours (diarrhea) and since separating him from the rest of the herd isn’t an option at this point, no one gets hay and everyone eats Hay-Rite, which is a fantastic alfalfa cube product.  It’s also super expensive when you’re feeding it as the primary forage source for six equines.  Still, everyone looks great, so I don’t complain too much.  Sundance is also still rather reactive, physically and mentally.  He gets welts from bugs bite (I can totally relate since I swell up something awful when I get mosquito bites) while the other horses don’t show any outward signs of being attacked by insects, and while he has improved since I brought him home last July, he can be jumpy at times.

The iTovi needs a smooth patch of skin in order to work.  Humans just hold it in one hand.  With horses, I held it to the inside of a back leg and made sure not to be making any contact with them other than the two metal nodes on the device.  We even tried the iTovi on Hershey, my Nigerian dwarf wether, but he’s too furry.  Lavonia was concerned about how the horses would react to the iTovi since it does vibrate twice during each session to mark the beginning and end.  No problems there from my horses, but they’re used to me messing with them.  Below is Sundance’s report:


I must admit that I was a little surprised that DigestZen didn’t make the list given his issues with hay, though he doesn’t seem to have digestive problems as long as he doesn’t have access to hay.  Naturally, none of the horses have any of the same oils on their reports, though iTovi recommended patchouli for both me and Bennett, so at least we can share.  I’ll keep you updated on how things seem to be going once I start incorporating all these oils!


I’ll be placing an order for one soon so I can start offering free scans to my clients, friends, and their horses with the ulterior motive of scanning myself, my husband, and my animals whenever I want.  I’d be delighted to come over and show you how it works and what oils you and any of the people or horses in your life could benefit specifically from.  I’ll be even more delighted if you want to open a membership with doTerra so I can afford my feed bill, all the additional oils I’ll be needing, and of course my monthly payments for cool tech like iTovi.

Ted doesn’t understand personal space.  This was his reaction to Lavonia when she told him he would be sent to manners school

One thought on “How do you know what essential oils your horses need?

  1. Laila…such a FUN time spent with you and your horses and other animals! What a GREAT tool the iTOVi is to help us pinpoint essential oils for our health and that of our animals. All your ‘horsey’ friends are going to love having access to you being able to scan them and their horses. EMPOWERING everyone to use ‘natural solutions’ as much as possible!

    BTW…ginger oil is also good for digestive issues, however, my ‘go to’ oil is DigestZen for my digestive issues…my digestive system has been compromised due to side effects from a prescription med so DigestZen is my DAILY friend!! 🙂


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