And so it begins…

After much confusion, frustration, and headache, I’ve finally (I think) got a blog set up.  I have a tendency to over-estimate my own abilities, and setting up a blog was one of them.  Because I couldn’t just start with a blog; I had to try a WordPress.ORG blog.  Until a few hours ago, I didn’t know that the .org version of WP even existed, but since I wanted to do this right and the two articles I read online said was the way to go for any serious blogger, I took the plunge.  Hence the confusion, frustration, and subsequent cancellation of my web hosting account and migration to  Obviously, I didn’t ask for any help from my computer programmer hubby or network genius friend because this is MY project.  In the end, I decided that since I already have my business website on WordPress and I’ve managed to post a few blogs on there,  I’d stick with what I know.  Yay comfort zone!  Fortunately for my clients, I’m far more proficient at giving massages and spray tans than doing advanced stuff on a computer.

I’m mostly going to blather on about myself, my job as a massage therapist, my horses, and my menagerie of other animals.  Oh, and essential oils because they’re pretty neat and you can do all sorts of crazy stuff with them.  For example, today, I was stung by a honey bee and essential oils saved the day!

“Go ahead, squish me!  I’ll goo all over your hand!”  Source:

Bot flies may look like a cute, fuzzy bee, but are actually super gross.  If you don’t believe me, go watch a few videos on the larvae popping out people’s skin.  Bot flies lay bazillions of eggs on horses, usually on the legs, but also on shoulders, necks, and even manes.  When the egg hatches, the larva makes its way to the horse’s mouth, then eventually embeds itself in the horse’s stomach until it reaches a certain point in its life cycle, at which point it allows itself to be expelled with the horse’s waste.  While I keep my horses regularly wormed, I still really hate bot flies.  It takes a bot knife to get the eggs off my horses’ fur and beacuse I never have gloves on when I crush the bot flies, they get nasty ovipositer goo on my hand.  It’s annoyingly sticky and since there are also usually eggs mixed into it, it’s not like I can just wipe them on my clothes or on my horses.  But I digress.

NOT a bot fly Source:


This evening, I was out feeding and fly-spraying my horses and I saw what appeared to be a bot fly hovering between Sundance and Ted.  I just KNEW it was looking for a good place to slather eggs all over both of them, so I did the sensible thing and gleefully clapped both hands around it.  Then belatedly realized it was actually a bee.  A bee with the biggest stinger I’ve ever seen.  This is only the third time in my life I’ve been stung by a honey bee (the first two times were when I was under the age of four).  I felt a little bad because in stinging me, the bee had not only left behind that massive stinger embedded in my hand, but also some of its insides and flew away to presumably die in agony elsewhere.  Oops.

Why, Bee? Why???

Though I’m not allergic to bee venom, I couldn’t stop the images of my hand swelling to epic proportions from going through my mind.  My hand hurt, and I briefly pondered that woman who was in the news a while ago who was using the venom from like 50 bees a day for pain relief and that perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d had hand pain to begin with.  I wandered into the house and put some doTERRA Correct-X ointment on my hand.  After a minute or two, the pain was gone and after about 30 minutes, there was no pain or redness.  I wasn’t even really sure of where the bee had stung me and just now, I checked my hand again and had to use the picture to the left as a reference.  If that isn’t a testimonial, I don’t know what is.

Correct-X is the essential oils version of Neosporin and other antibiotic ointments.  One of the ingredients is lavender, which is good for pretty much everything and is even recommended for treating insect bites and stings.  I hadn’t had a chance to use it before, but I was definitely impressed with how quickly I got relief and even more impressed with how it’s healed.  I just wish I’d had this stuff last summer when I was stung by a wasp so I could do a comparison.

Check out the product information for Correct-X HERE


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